Introducing Joey


Life Is EZ

I’m so excited to finally be able to officially introduce “Joey”.  I didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself before everything went through with pre-purchase exams and what-not, but everything looks ok so this past week I purchased this charming and polite young thoroughbred.

This coming 4 year old raced at Charles Town until last September under the name “Life Is EZ”. He was sold via a CANTER ad and then got to spend the next couple of months hanging out in a field learning to be a horse.  After his “let down” time, his new owner wanted to find him his next home, which is when I came across an ad for him on Craigslist, of all places!  I rode him around his turnout field for about ten minutes, it was only his second ride since leaving Charles Town last fall.  He was reasonably behaved and I liked the feel of him so arranged to bring him to Windchase a couple of days later.  After my vet checked him over I was very happy to be able to take him on as my next project!

Naming him “Joey” (after Joey Tribbiani from the sitcom Friends!), he started to settle into his new life and so far I have been quite pleased with him.  He’s had about five rides now and is very smart, trotting and cantering around the ring politely and even beginning to trot over some poles!  He’s quite sweet, and although the first couple of days he was a bit shy and unwilling to accept any offered treats, he is now opening up, enjoying mints and loving his new pampered life!  I think he’s going to be quite a nice project to bring along and with his easy going disposition and his willingness under saddle I feel like he will turn into a super pony club or amateur’s horse.  I really do enjoy getting them at this stage and teaching them their basics and it will be so fun to prepare him for his next owner, whenever it is that I end up deciding to sell him on!  If he continues to learn as quickly as he has this past week, hopefully we’ll head out to some competitions this spring/summer!

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