Giving Thanks

Growing up in a British/Australian family, Thanksgiving was never a holiday that had a lot of meaning behind it.  And yes, being in America, I learned all about the pilgrims and everything we should be thankful for,  and we ate our turkey and then skipped out to the stores for Black Friday shopping.  In September, I officially became an American citizen, and as such, I suppose I feel I should now place some more emphasis on what I am thankful for, and the privelage of living in this country and embracing the roots of this holiday.

So what am I thankful for?  Anybody can go through and list a variety of things, both real and intangible that we are all thankful for.  But what are those important things in your life that you are so thankful for that would change your existence if you didn’t have them?  What do you have, that nobody else has, that makes you so grateful to have that in your life?

First, I am thankful for my mother.  She is nobody else’s mother so there is nobody else that could understand why I am so thankful for her.  (Yes, I know, we are all thankful for our mothers, but seriously, if you’ve met my mother, you know she is one of a kind!)  She has continually supported and enabled me to do what I do and has not once ever told me not to try.  Who wouldn’t be thankful to have that in their lives?

Tilly - Best. Cat. Ever.

Tilly – Best. Cat. Ever.

Secondly, I am thankful for Tilly.  A lot of people will say that their dog is their best friend, but I am a cat person through and through and Tilly will be irreplaceable in my heart.  For half of my life she has been there, she has listened to my problems and kept all of my secrets.  Without her, my house will be empty, and I dread the day that she passes, but at 15 years old, today I am thankful that I still have her with me and that she is happy and healthy.



Jupiter. Teddy bear cuteness.

Jupiter. Teddy bear cuteness.


Next, obviously, I am thankful for my horse.  Jupiter – the love of my life.  He makes me smile every day and can brighten my mood simply by being there.  He makes me a better rider and he reminds me constantly why I chose to pursue horses as a career and why I carry on through the rough days as well as the good.  He makes it worth it.




Finally, I am thankful for my best friend.  Megan is my other half, the yin to my yang, my sounding board when I need it and the hand holding me up when I’m falling off of a cliff.  Even though there is  a huge distance between us, she is the one that is always closest to me.

I am thankful for these things because they are nobody elses.  Because they are parts of my life that make it MY life, and for that, I am thankful.

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